Images credit: Matt Bishop

Holotronica are extremely pleased to view the first images from alt-J’s current world tour.

The alt-J team production team working with LobbyCall , together with the design team at FragmentNine – who have been designing the alt-J shows since 2014 – decided to create a cube of over 1500 square feet of holographic projection gauze that alt-J could perform within.

Alt-J Projection Hologauze Cube

Creating Hologauze panels for this project was a challenge due to the tight frame. Working in collaboration with LA’s All Access, who created the rig/frame for the panels, we considered many options for securing the panels to the frame, including magnets. We ended up opting for Velcro finish, which allows easier install/de-rig times, as well as some flexibility around the rigging points. Jason Fearnley alt-J’s Stage Manager worked tirelessly to test and refine the rigging to ensure a perfect result.

Alt-J Projection Hologauze Cube

After testing numerous holographic projection screens, including our own Hologauze Original, Hologauze XL and Hologauze 50, the alt-J team selected Hologauze 50 as the superior choice of holographic gauze for the project. Hologauze 50 has been especially formulated for rear projection projects, though in this instance, it was used to front project on too – and as the results demonstrate, it still looks absolutely fantastic!

We are in love with the fabric, it looks incredible.

Jackson Gallagher, FragmentNine