Holotronica were happy to be a key part of the BAFTA 2021 opening performance, as well as on the red carpet during the BAFTA TV Awards.

Liam Payne’s opening performance at BAFTA 2021 had a two prong approach: not only could the performance be experienced by UK users through a specialist app that brought an animated version of his live performance into fans living rooms, but he also performanced with his avatar on stage via HologauzeⓇ.

The Round app (made possible by EE’s 5G network and created by technology company The Round) is an AR experience that recreates a live show within the users home. Liam was made into a cartoon avatar especially for the app.

The same avatar then appeared on HologauzeⓇ to sing with Liam during his live performance. His show also incorporated pixel effects that Liam interacted with live on stage.

A week or so later was the BAFTA TV AWARDS 2021. Bam Bam Productions came up with an incredible idea for celebrities to enter into a HologauzeⓇ zone on the red carpet, where they could connect with their fans live. Fans faces were live streamed onto a digital avatar that was dressed in resplendent red-carpet attire. The avatar appeared like a hologram before the celebrities, giving them a novel way to interact live with their fan base.

Diversity’s Ashley Banjo meeting a fan.