Hologauze® was utilised as part of the key performance presentation on the opening day of the eighth annual World Science Festival in New York on May 27th–31st 2015. Light Falls: Space, Time & An Obsession of Einstein extensively featured Hologauze® to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Einstein’s discovery of the general theory of relativity. The Festival took place at venues throughout New York City.

Designed by 59 Productions, Light Falls combined Hologauze® holographic effects state-of-the-art animation and dramatic portrayals to trace Einstein’s electrifying journey to the conception of his theory. World Science Festival founder Dr Brian Greene and an ensemble cast saw their dramatic performances enhanced by Hologauze®.

“It was an honour to be able to contribute to the eighth World Science Festival,” says Hologauze® founder and Holotronica MD Stuart Warren-Hill. “Hologauze® is the perfect solution for live events, allowing participants to make presentations behind our near-invisible gauze while informative and entertaining holographic effects appear to float in front and around them. Indeed, Hologauze® is so tricky to see that the participants themselves have been known to accidentally walk through it during rehearsals!”