What do you do when you need to be at an important presentation but are too busy to attend in person? Send a hologram [effect] of yourself!

That was the logical solution Holotronica came up with for their contribution to the VPT Academy at CUE 2020. CUE 2020 takes place this week at AHOY in Rotterdam.

A lifesize holographic version of Holotronica founder, Stuart Warren-Hill, showcased the best of Hologauze – on Hologauze!  The 10 minute address to the VPT Academy was shown on a 10m x 5m Hologauze screen.

The VPT Academy association, together with CUE, wants to promote knowledge exchange and innovation within their sector. Their aim is to inspire visitors with knowledge and insights from sometimes unexpected quarters.


Holotronica certainly fulfilled that brief, as a holographic Stuart DJ’d music, danced with ballerinas and shrunk a dinosaur. Stuart demonstrated that literally anything can be made possible with Hologauze. The attendees were given polarised glasses to view the show in 3D, which showcased Hologauze’s full capabilities.