What’s better than a hologram effect? A 3D hologram effect!

Stuart Warren-Hill, founder and MD of Holotronica, performed his new 3D audio-visual piece on Hologauze® at The Little Chill festival held in Lewes, East Sussex, last weekend. Hologauze® was originally invented by Stuart in 2014 specifically for his live 3D show, titled Holotronica. Hologauze® became an instant sensation, though few have utilised the unique stereoscopic qualities of the screen for which it was originally made.

The Little Chill attendees had a rare opportunity to experience Hologauze® in its full glory. They were encouraged to don 3D glasses so as to fully partake in the live audio visual 3D experience. The Holotronica AV set is a completely unique experience; it’s safe to say their minds were fully blown!