Founder and MD Stuart Warren-Hill has been performing his Holotronica Live Show out and about this summer. The show is at turns mind-bending, mesmerising, funny and political. It also showcases the Hologauze® screen as it was originally designed for: stereoscopic 3D. Audience members are giving 3D glasses upon entering the show, uniting them in a shared experience.

Hologauze® is well known for transforming 2D objects on its surface into a 3D holographic effect. In itself, this quality is stunning – and certainly the popular choice for customers, largely because audience members don’t need glasses to receive the effect.

However, imagine that holographic effect in 3D: content appears in the space immediately before you. Images dance in front of you, augmenting your existing reality. The Holotronica Live Show has been specially designed to take full advantage of true 3D. It delivers something entirely new and unique.