Hello, I am Luca Carraro and I am 14 and a student at Frome College. I have come to Holotronica for work experience.

I was incredibly intrigued by the holographic technology and I enjoy digital work and design so I wanted to come here to gain experience in the field which I wish to pursue in the future.

My introduction to working at Holotronica was exciting and I was ecstatic finally getting here and seeing the studio where the magic happens. I found out about it first when Ed Metcalf (AV specialist and family friend) mentioned it to me and helped arrange the work experience position here.

I did some research to see shows and projects they have done with their amazing tech which I then analysed and compiled. I was then taught what an N.D.A. (non disclosure agreement) is and signed one and got to test a future project (Which I obviously cannot reveal).

I also did a bit of projection mapping onto the logo for the company and later met the creator of the Hologauze® Stuart.

Research and analysis:

During my time here I have researched examples of Holotronica’s previous work on Youtube and Vimeo



You can also view video of the projects HERE

I looked through them carefully and noted ideas down of what makes a good hologram and what works best. 3D moving objects can make an illusion of it floating right near you like with 3D glasses. A second aspect is the colouring used like blues as they are associated with holograms in pop culture and sci fi. A nice glow around the object, creature, person or text looks great as it is a very futuristic hologram type look.

Another aspect that improves the experience is, of course, synchronised music and sounds that suits the holograms, the lighting and the movements of the objects, people or patterns being used.

Later on I researched applications of where Hologauze® could be used around the world.

I thought the holographic visuals could work incredibly well at many different places like arcades and events such as the San Diego comic-con.

Creative work:

I later had an introduction to projection mapping on software called Mad Mapper which was exciting and really interesting.

Here is a video showing the projection mapping project I helped on:

On my second day at Holotronica I focussed on applications for holograms and filming and post production of a hologram presentation.

With the Holotronica production manager, Simon, I made a presentation in the form of a hologram to deliver my idea to sell hologram technology to Comic Con.

Finally I leaned the process of writing a blog post for the Holotronica website. This is it.

I found my time at Holotronica very exciting and I have learned a lot. Watch the video below to see my final hologram presentation!