Holotronica was inspired by the first phase of CARGO, which soft launched at The Watershed in central Bristol this month. It was an honour to help realise Bristolian poet Lawrence Hoo’s words and vision for the project. CARGO, which stands for Charting African Resilience and Generating Opportunities, has developed from Hoostory, a compilation of poetry created by Lawrence in 2007. It tells the true story of the African diaspora and commemorates the achievements of the brave individuals who fought for the abolition of slavery and their human rights. Chaz Golding, creative lead and producer at Hello Charlie, worked to enhance Hoo’s words and concept with powerful visual imagery, whilst an audio soundtrack was created by Grant Marshall of Massive Attack. The show will launch spring 2020 on College Green, before Woo’s book launch in October of the same year.

The soft launch installation comprised of four mapped ‘container walls’ that mimicked the dimensions of a shipping container.

2 x Panasonic RZ970s and 2 x Panasonic RZ120s, running from a Datapath FX4, split content over the four ‘container walls’. Resolume aided mapping and playback. Rosco rear projection material provided the walls to the space, and a simple BWS drape was used for the ceiling. Audio ran through a transmitter and into wireless headphones to complete the immersive experience.

Holotronica will be continuing to support CARGO Art Exhibition as it progresses in 2020.

This excellent video gives the reaction of participants:

CARGO Soft Launch from CARGO PROJECT on Vimeo.