Stuart recently created some NFT audiovisual sculpture holograms, which look fantastic on HologauzeⓇ. The video below gives an idea of how they look and sound. The first buyer of an NFT audio sculpture also receives a free HologauzeⓇ screen for them to set up their own hologram installation at home. What is an NFT? It’s a new way of purchasing digital art. This article here does a good job of explaining it in layman’s terms.

When all 4 audio visual sculptures are sold they will come together in a VR180 3D gallery experience, creating a full version of the audio track. Check out Stuart’s recently created VR180 3D virtual video installation below.

You can buy the NFTs here:

Vequencer: Stuart has created an immersive 8 screen gallery video installation on YouTube with 3D sound. So far he has created 9 tracks using his cut and paste video technique with found video from YouTube. Best viewed in YouTube VR App with a VR headset and headphones for a fully immersive experience. You can also view the videos on any device. Remember to pan around the room to see all the 8 screens…