HOLOGAUZE®: The original and still the best on the market, Hologauze has a finer weave with double the reflective coating of its competitors, ensuring maximum transparency and screen invisibility. Maximum unsewn size:  4.8m x 48m

HOLOGAUZE® XL: a slighter larger weave with greater durability, Hologauze XL is the go-to choice for large-scale events. Maximum unsewn size 7m x 38m.

HOLOGAUZE® 50: Inspired by our imitators, Hologauze 50 has only half the reflective coating – this lessens brightness and contrast, but is a more economical choice whilst also allowing for rear projection. – Coming Soon!

Full FR certification and wind loading data available on request.

Speak to us about custom sizes. We will cut and sew the material to meet your bespoke requirements. The possibilities are limitless.

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Hologauze® was originally invented by Stuart Warren-Hill for his groundbreaking audiovisual 3D album show. Now Hologauze® is world renowned for being the first of its kind and the best performing gauze for visual effects.
High transparency, brightness, high contrast, high viewing angle and full FR certification makes our patented Hologauze® the only choice for large scale hologram illusions.
Hologauze® is unique as it supports 3D Stereoscopic polarised video but is widely used as a 2D projection screen that magically gives the appearance of 3D.

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Our experienced team have a proven track record at the highest level. From pre-install layouts to help you visualise your ideas, through to content, installing on site, and de-rig.



Holotronica have a wide range of gauzes already in stock, ranging from 1m x 1m meters, up to 30m x 5m. We also offer custom-made hire, with no limit on size or versatility.



Hologauze is custom-made to your specific requirements with a choice of finishing: Eyelets/grommets to the top and sides of the gauze; weighted sewn pockets for larger screen widths.