Hologauze® is a little bit special. Not just because it was the first gauze of its kind on the market. Hologauze® is special because it fully supports stereoscopic projection by retaining polarisation of light. In simple terms – it can go totally up-in-your-face 3D.

For many clients, this aspect of Hologauze® is overlooked. They are satisfied with simply creating 2D content and having it appear 3D on Hologauze®.

Stereoscopic 3D can be costly for large scale events, as the audience require 3D glasses to view the show.  Stereoscopic requires a projector with a higher amount of ANSI Lumens, and large-scale screens drives the cost up further.

However, for events with a smaller or managed audience 3D becomes a strong option. 3D delivers a  truly immersive experience that is still ground breaking and rare.

Hologauze® gives you the opportunity to create an immersive and augmented experience that can be shared across a large audience on a pioneering scale. It delivers a shared experience.

Stereoscopic 3D as a holographic effect on Hologauze® is astonishing. It’s closest companions are virtual and augmented reality. But there are significant differences. Virtual Reality closes off the viewer from the real world. The effect is that of being able to walk around inside a digital film. Augmented reality is closer to Hologauze® in that the digital world collides with the physical world. The strength is in the juxtaposition of the two contrasting realities being presented together.

When stereoscopic 3D comes into play, it has all the sense of something being unreal (VR) or of the digital colliding with the physical (AR) – the difference is the ease with which it’s expressed. There is a rawness to it that makes it so much more tangible than the glossy world of AR.

And the simplicity of a pair of what can be as simple as custom printed cardboard glasses revealing a world interplaying with reality, right there is your immediate space, close enough to touch… it’s almost impossible to describe. It’s also worth noting that Stereoscopic 3D is remarkably cost-effective to employ on a large scale, compared to other technologies of its type.

If you have ever seen a 3D film in the past, imagine watching that again but without being able to see the screen. There is no visible way to ground the images you are seeing as they appear to fly right out over your head and then back to the depths of the upstage curtains.

Stereoscopic 3D is not as difficult to produce as you might think. Talk to us about it. Although extra effort is involved in creating the content, we can make it simple. And it’s an area that really creates something fresh and exciting for the audience. For experiential events, as a marketing tool, paired with other technologies to make it interactive – the possibilities of what can be achieved with Stereoscopic 3D is endlessly exciting!

Hologauze® is the only gauze to fully support 3D projection and it is a patented product. In fact, 3D content is what Hologauze® was invented for. There is no-one more experienced in this particular brand of 3D than Holotronica and we would be delighted to hear from you and talk through your concepts and ideas.

Can I post a picture of it? No! Because experiencing stereoscopic 3D is a privilege – it’s something you actually have to be there for – a proper experience! The reaction of the audience can be shared digitally, but the actual experience is just for those that were there. That is a rare commodity now. It goes to the very heart of experiential. It’s priceless.

However, we can now share a 180° video of 3D content with you to watch on a VR headset / mobile phone and cardboard. Just ask.

Hologauze® re-presents and interacts with the physical world. For instance, a ‘hologram’ can be interacting in real-time with an audience member. This, combined with the power of stereoscopic 3D gives a unique experience to your audience.

There are exciting progressions and ideas within both AR and VR. Holotronica are always looking at ways to incorporate, work with and expand upon emerging technologies. But our unique offering really is unique – no one else in the world has 3D Stereoscopic holographic effect screens. Explore and share into something new.