Hologauze enabled the creation of the world’s biggest, brightest, highest-resolution indoor hologram effect during superstar DJ Eric Prydz’s EPIC 3.0 show at Madison Square Garden – the third in a series of visual dance music events. The performance, on September 27th 2014, utilised a 20 metre x 5 metre Hologauze screen which displayed huge hologram effects, including a giant helix, huge speaking head, and numerous rotating particle effects, realised by Realtime Environment Systems Ltd (RES) producers of the show.

During the EPIC 3.0 show, three merged 40,000 lumen video projectors beamed 4k-resolution, floating hologram effects onto the Hologauze, filling the stage, thrilling the Madison Square Garden audience and creating the biggest indoor hologram the world has ever seen. Other visual effects included LED screen and lasers.

“This event is what Hologauze is all about,” explains Stuart Warren-Hill, Hologauze founder and managing director. “The combination of invisibility and the ability to work with 3D projection means that large scale floating hologram effects can be created and new dimensions in live performance can be explored – which is why I developed Hologauze in the first place! It’s great to see that others have seized its potential and are pushing the hologram envelope even further.”

Officially launched to market in early September 2014, Hologauze had previously featured during the promotion of US TV show Almost Human, with a hologram android that responded to tweets, as well as facilitating 3D effects for Ibiza residences of DJs Hed Kandi and Chase and Status. It went on to add hologram magic to Michael Flatley’s new Lord of the Dance world tour (Lord of the Dance: Dangerous Games).