Unleash the Power of DarkMat®

Enhance the illusion of holograms, increase realism and unlock new viewing angles and audience possibilities. Designed as a 1-meter square tile for both the floor and wall, DarkMat® is strategically placed behind the Hologauze® to eliminate any unwanted light spill, with an impressive 98% reduction in reflections. Comparison tests again Vanta Black speak for themselves. Further applications for lighting designers and XR studios are also revolutionary in the industry. 

Durable and Easy to Assemble

Confidence is key, especially when it comes to performances on the DarkMat® floor. Our highly durable DarkMat® tiles are designed to withstand the demands of performers. With easy and accurate assembly using integrated magnets, DarkMat® tiles lock together securely, ensuring a seamless and worry-free experience.

Unrivalled Transparency with Hologauze®

DarkMat® perfectly complements our award-winning Hologauze®, the industry’s only patented and fully silvered gauze. With a finer weave and double the reflective coating of comparative products, Hologauze® delivers unrivalled transparency, contrast, and gain. It’s also the ideal solution for productions featuring 3D Stereoscopic polarised video. Let your holograms shine like never before with  DarkMat® and Hologauze®. See the first ever use of DarkMat featured on Britain’s Got Talent with singing magician Lewis Fuller below:

Transforming the Way Holograms are Experienced

Step into the future of holographic entertainment! Hologauze® has already transformed the production, design and delivery of large-scale holographic illusions for touring stage shows, theatre productions, theme parks and events. Now, with DarkMat®, take your holographic displays to the next level and leave your audience in awe.

Begin the Experience

Ready to elevate your holographic experience? DarkMat® is now available for purchase or hire exclusively from Holotronica. We take pride in manufacturing DarkMat® entirely in the UK, ensuring minimal shipping times. Don’t settle for the ordinary – create your unique holographic world with DarkMat®. Contact us today to place your order or discuss your bespoke sizes and configurations. The future of holograms starts here!



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