From concept to completion

Since forming in 2014 with Stuart’s ground breaking invention of Hologauze® for his live 3D show, Holotronica has built up strong networks within the industry. We have formed partnerships globally, with the scope to oversee installation/rigging, A/V, content creation, live-streaming, projection and production management.

Our demo studio is equipped with a green screen infinity wall, and the majority of our content services are run from in-house. We have the shared expertise to make anything possible, from conception planning, 3D simulations of projector placement and spill, to content creation, install, and execution.

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The evolution of analogue holography involves taking a digital 3D digital image and converting it into an actual hologram. Holotronica are proud to be able to offer this bespoke service: full colour holograms, up to 60cms x 80cms.



Holotronica are forerunners in Holographic display technology and have knowledge of a range of display solutions. Contact us to establish the best solution for your event and installation.



Long ago, holograms were long-exposure laser photographic imagery. Holotronica are one of the very few organisations in the world stil able to offer a bespoke holographic service with this medium.



Clients that have experienced the magic of Hologauze® technology.

Producing spectaculars

from concept to execution.

Over time we have built up strong relationships with various production partners internationally, allowing us to develop into a full-service agency. Does your job also include architectural plans; mapped content; sound scapes and staging? Speak to us for clear and honest solutions.


Supplier of event technology products & services

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Metro Broadcast: UK

Corporate event management

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Immersive: UK

Production, Design, Development

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Epson: UK

Projector/equipment hire

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Beam Brothers: Netherlands

Audio Visual rental and staging, projection solutions

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Ikonix: Australia

Creating immersive environments

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Christie: UK

AV solutions

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Full service, HD post-production, VFX, design & production studio

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PixelArtworks: UK

Creative production, specialising in mapping and new technology

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AV equipment supplier

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Panasonic: UK

Projector/ equipment hire

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Studio Giggle: UK

Animation, XR and Virtual.

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