What is Hologauze?

Hologauze® is the original and best solution for creating large-scale holographic illusions with digital projection. Hologauze® is the only patented and fully silvered projection gauze available with unparalleled levels of transparency, brightness, contrast, and viewing angle range. Being fully silvered means Hologauze® also supports 3D Stereoscopic polarised video, making it unique on the market.

Hologauze® was originally invented by Stuart Warren-Hill in 2012 for his groundbreaking audiovisual 3D album shows. Now Hologauze® is world renowned for being the first of its kind and the best performing gauze for visual effects.

Hologauze® can be produced to any size with bespoke finishing to suit your event, meaning the scale of your ideas for hologram FX are truly unlimited.



The original and still the best on the market, Hologauze has a finer weave with double the reflective coating of its competitors. This ensures maximum transparency and screen invisibility. Its maximum seamless size is: 4.8m x 48m


With a slightly larger weave and greater durability, Hologauze XL is the go-to choice for large-scale events. Its maximum seamless size is: 7.4m x 38m.


Hologauze Rear has been designed especially for rear projection projects, whilst also being suitable for front projection. Its maximum seamless size is: 4.8m x 50m.


Made in the uk

Hologauze® is available for purchase or hire exclusively from Holotronica. We take pride in manufacturing Hologauze® entirely in the UK, ensuring minimal lead times. Contact us today to place your order or discuss your creative ideas, bespoke sizes and finishing solutions. Our experienced team work closely with clients to ensure every element of producing the very best hologram FX are achieved from concept to showtime.

Trusted By The Best

With full fire retardancy certificates and wind loading data (Europe and USA) available to all customers, you can be assured that Hologauze® meets the demands of the most prestigious clients and venues. We know you have to write risk assessments because we do too. There is always peace of mind when creating magic with Hologauze®

a new level of hologram realism

Using Hologauze® with our new light cancelling system DarkMat®  we can create more believable hologram FX and open up stage designs with raised viewing angles. Designed as a 1×1 meter square tile for both the floor and wall, DarkMat® is strategically placed behind the Hologauze® to eliminate any unwanted light spill, with an impressive 98% reduction in reflections. Darkmat® is available for sale and hire exclusively from Holotronica.



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