Portable hologram FX with Holoporter®

Holoporter® is a self-contained, portable unit that is making holographic illusions more accessible for a wider range of applications. It unlocks new viewing angles and audience possibilities whilst delivering enhanced realism. The 1m wide x 1m deep x 2m height unit features Holotronica’s DarkMat® on the floor and back wall, absorbing 98% of light spill, and a Hologauze® transparent projection screen on the front, for unrivalled transparency, contrast and gain.


Holoporter® has been designed to be easy to set up in location, with clear setup instructions that don’t require any advanced technical know-how. The product weighs just 70kg, with a lightweight aluminium frame that also features Velcro and magnetic fixings for easy assembly and connecting the lighting and branding features. Holoporter® is now available for purchase or hire exclusively from Holotronica. We take pride in manufacturing Holoporter® entirely in the UK, ensuring minimal shipping times.

Unrivalled Transparency with Hologauze®

Holoporter® uses our award-winning Hologauze®, the industry’s only patented and fully silvered gauze. With a finer weave and double the reflective coating of comparative products, Hologauze® delivers unrivalled transparency, contrast, and gain. It’s also the ideal solution for productions featuring 3D Stereoscopic polarised video. Featuring DarkMat®, Holoporter® has torn up the rule book about the size and ease of installing hologram effects for your event.


Holoporter® is easy to transport and travels in a single, slimline flight case with wheels, fitting easily through standard door frames, a crucial requirement that adds to the flexibility, versatility and accessibility of the solution. Once built, Holoporter® also has fixing points for additional wheels, ensuring it can be easily moved into position or storage as required.

Bespoke Branding Options

The exterior of Holoporter® can also be customised with company colours, branding and logos, making it ideal for brand events or showpieces at conferences and exhibitions. Talk to us about options and we can help make your Holoporter® unique and customised for you.

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