Holotronica HQ gets genuine satisfaction watching Hologauze® in use. Each day brings theatre, stage and screen reaching out to us with new job specifications, each unique. The variance is part of the pleasure for us.

It’s usual to handle every detail surrounding Hologauze®, but – unless we’ve been asked to be on hand for the install – knowing the next part of Hologauze’s® journey and seeing it in action is a real treat. Read more below…

A big thank you to Push 1 stop and Wiklow for sending through such beautiful images of their project, Membrane, which assimilates the transparent qualities of Hologauze with smoke and volumetric shapes. Both Cadie Desbiens-Desmeules [Push 1 stop] and Michael Dean [Wiklow] were working in immersive environments prior to creating this project. Membrane seeks to reverse the idea of immersivity: rather than bringing the audience into a digital world, they seek to bring to bring the digital world into the realm of the physical.

Check out Push 1 stop and the Membrane project on the website here.

And more here on the site of Michael Dean AKA Wiklow.